Being a daddy makes it tricky to get much work time, and large, complex works are just about impossible, with time broken up into grabbed bits and pieces. All for the best, though, as it leads me to a sprawling series of tiny improvisations, many of them monoprints which use the same etched plates repeatedly. I’ll elaborate on this, but time for posting is scarce, too, so how’s about I just put up a big batch of recent prints, more or less unedited. Many will appear in my show at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design’s Rude Gallery this September and October, along with movies and much else. Be in touch, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted.

I like to press the “full screen” button on the interface of these Flash slideshows, and in this case, most of the images will be blown up quite a bit larger than the original tiny works. Be patient with loading – it’s a lot of images.

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