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Eric Waldemar: Time & Attention from Eric Waldemar on Vimeo.


What: Time & Attention: Cinema, Prints and Drawings by Eric Waldemar

Where: Ironton, 3636 Chestnut Place, Denver.

When: October 23rd to November 28th.
OPENING RECEPTION: October 23rd, 6-10 PM

Why: Abstract cinema and drawing coalesce in an exhibition that jumbles time and space with wry humor and Nordic gravity.

Contact Eric Waldemar:
Email: Website:
Phone: 720-548-8943

Images in series often implicitly refer to temporality, but few serial works delve into time and space as directly and viscerally as Eric Waldemar’s new multimedia works, which will appear in Time and Attention at Ironton, starting on October 23rd. In The Unsecret Block, the centerpiece of the show, Waldemar teases rhythm and motion from an intricate matrix of over 1600 individual images, and several short video pieces take a variety of routes through a “block” of 111 drawings. A twenty-year endeavor to merge drawing and cinema arrives at some sort of momentary culmination this fall, with esoteric secrets of abstract animation laid bare. This exhibition should not be missed.

Time and Attention extends and reexamines threads that have run through Waldemar’s movies, paintings, prints, and drawings since the mid-1980s, when friendships with film artists Stan Brakhage and Harry Smith led him to first put his drawings into motion. Denver artist Homare Ikeda, whose latest show opens this month at Van Straaten Gallery, has also played a formative role in shaping Waldemar’s aesthetic for decades.

This will be Denver’s first opportunity in several years to see Waldemar’s complex monotypes, collagraphs, and drawings, which merge the gravity of high modernist gestural abstraction with wry, unrepentant cartoon silliness. The central installation, The Unsecret Block, brings the physicality of drawing into fluid motion in short abstract movies that wordlessly, viscerally, question one’s fundamental concepts of time and space. Waldemar’s expressive mark-making blurs the boundary between the physical and the digital, unfolding strange little worlds of paradoxical spatial illusion and tangled temporality. More info and grandiose claims at

Eric Waldemar teaches printmaking, film editing, and art history at UC Denver, the Art Students League of Denver, and Denver Art Museum. His work has appeared locally in the Starz Denver International Film Festival, DAM, Pirate, Ink Lounge, DAVA, the Bug Theatre, CU Boulder, and Boulder Public Library, and in a variety of venues nationally and worldwide.  He lives in Denver with his partner, sculptor Rian Kerrane, and their daughter Oonagh.

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