Big Site Changes

Expect chaos here for a little while. I’m changing web frameworks, and I don’t even know if old posts, etc will display properly for a while. Look forward to some actual new content for a change. Not quite yet, though. Just chaos. Come back in a week, how about…

Orange Squash

Lately, people have shown some interest in the movies I made last summer, and it’s time to share them, at last. Orange Squash was made from a series of landscape oil paintings, much altered. Hopefully, I’ll get more of this material posted in days to come. The resolution is radically reduced here (sorry), but that’s the nature of the web. Enjoy…

Into Blinding Light

Man walks into blinding light.Often these days, I can’t see where I’m going.

I’m off to Ireland this Fall, which is wonderful, and it looks like there may be a moment of respite, with a house to stay in for a little while, not far from water. If all goes well, it may be possible to get some work done on a book, some drawings, and perhaps even an hour of reflection here and there. I’ve learned not to cling too tightly to the thoughtful, productive time that’s just around the corner, though. I’ve seen it coming, just a few weeks or months away, for several years now.

Like much of my life these days, though, it’s largely beyond my control. My wife’s sabbatical is an opportunity to go to her home country for a while, and I’ll see a lot of people I care a lot about. My parents will come over as well, later in the Fall, for a week or two, and over the course of those several months, a lot of fun will be had with them and the rest of our Irish family and friends. That much is certain. As far as time to work and think and make, experience tells me I’ll just have to see.

If work time, astonishingly, comes, as it well might, I’m not sure I’ll know where to start. Lately, even with a free day now and then, I often no longer really know what to do, because large projects have largely been abandoned. With a free afternoon or two every few weeks, it’s just not realistic to aim real high. When more ambitious threads are broken again and again, after enormous effort, one learns not to aim beyond the next few hours.   I putter around, and work on skills and tools that will hopefully make it possible to use what time I have, when it eventually comes, one of these days. As far as artwork goes, there’s a sense of trying not to let the spark fade out. The things that keep me sane and stable are not currently possible, most of the time. Yes, that means I’m less sane, less stable, also less articulate, less amusing, less sociable. My creative and social energy goes into helping my daughter to figure out the world and learn to talk and interact. It is time well spent, but I do miss myself.

In years to come, as our daughter starts spending more time away, at school and with friends, I know I’ll miss these current days of sun, wonder, animals and the alphabet, the smell of pee, and the delight of discovering cattails. Lots of fun, chasing, giggling, exploration. Very little of my life is about me, though, and I’m not sure what will be left of my identity in another year. I’ll figure something out then, and I’ll try to keep pausing to breathe occasionally in the meantime. Figuring that loss of self will turn out to be a gift in the long run, a door to transformative growth, etc. In the short run, though, it gets hard at times.

The Helmet is a Veil

Modified chalk drawing on concrete by Eric Waldemar- Veil-HelmetWho would have guessed that this, of all things, would come up at auction? There it is, though, “Item Number 4,” in all its concrete glory. A face mask or helmet also acts as a veil, shielding the prying gaze while reflecting back the observer’s face. Bid high and make my day (though I don’t get a penny of it). See you there.

Live Iron Sculpture Casting at Auraria Campus March 10th (my poster)

Iron Pour -molten metal casting performance at UCD, CU Denver March 10 2011There’s an iron pour at UCD, next to the Tivoli, on the Auraria Campus, on March 10th. Tobias Flores, a major figure in contemporary fine art iron casting, will be at CU Denver as a visiting artist, and it should be a memorable event. You can carve a small sculptural mold at any of several workshops during that week, whether you’re a student or not, and your mold will be filled with molten iron when the pour takes place on the tenth.

I made the poster for Rian Kerrane and the UCD College of Arts & Media last week in a rush, using a photograph by Denver artist John Davenport. Seems like it came out ok, for a few hours work.

If you click the image, you should get a larger version that’s relatively readable. In a nutshell: Thursday, March 10th, beside the flagpoles behind the Tivoli. 2-7PM.  Toby Flores will be speaking on the evening of Monday the 7th, at the King Center.  See you there.

With Enough Masks and Tails, I Am All Animals

Gestural ink drawing with elephant & animal-like forms, by Eric WaldemarAll animals indeed. Hmmph. Alright Mr. Shape-changer, how about those dishes? OK, but I’ll be back, and not for the first time.

What is this thing? The minimum standard: is the paper improved by being marked? I think so, yes, I’m sure of it, but I can’t really say why. This kind of nonsense is indefensible, but is no less valuable for all that. The work matters, however modest, and whatever it takes to persuade oneself step in again and again is fine, makes sense, enough.

I’m drawn to the elephant in the image, but elephants are currently a big topic in my life, and it may just be that I’m seeing them everywhere. Oonagh and I spotted one recently under my parents’ couch (a pink one) By ruling out other possibilities, we had previously figured out that the elephant we keep hearing at home resides in the oven. It keeps waking me up. Pffffft!

Hi, I’m your “Grader”: The Dehumanized University

Oilstick monotype by Eric Waldemar, Bewigged magistrate figure? Tent?

Everyone says they hate to judge other people, but for many people, that’s obviously untrue. I really can’t stand it, though. I’ve been grading almost continuously for weeks, for five different university classes, only one of which I’m actually teaching. What hurts is that I’m obliged to judge people’s ideas in a way that discourages insight and rewards obedience more than engagement.  Read more