Somewhat Absurd

It’s been so long that it’s a little ridiculous, if I’m going to bother to have a site at all. So much since my last post – the most recent major thing is the Hybrid exhibition at Redline. My work there included 7 paintings, 3 video works, and two monotypes. The movies were derived from the paintings and prints, and it’s hard to describe. At this moment, I won’t attempt it, and I’ll get some video posted when I figure out the logistics.  (Huh?) The video works are in editions of 10, so I can’t just post them whole, at full resolution, without wronging some collectors who’ve purchased them. (Good news, that.) I’ll figure it out, but I’ll probably edit a short “trailer” for a movie that was very short to begin with.  Let me know if you’re interested. It’ll help me get around to it if someone actually asks. This is one frame from Orange Squash, which is in the show:

still from Orange Squash by Eric Waldemar, HD video 2012

The exhibition is up until September 30th. I’ll get some photos posted. I think we all did something remarkable with this show, and I’m very excited about the work I’m showing. Go see it if you can. Paintings are going fast, I’m very pleased to say…