Somewhat Absurd

It’s been so long that it’s a little ridiculous, if I’m going to bother to have a site at all. So much since my last post – the most recent major thing is the Hybrid exhibition at Redline. My work there included 7 paintings, 3 video works, and two monotypes. The movies were derived from the paintings and prints, and it’s hard to describe. At this moment, I won’t attempt it, and I’ll get some video posted when I figure out the logistics.  (Huh?) The video works are in editions of 10, so I can’t just post them whole, at full resolution, without wronging some collectors who’ve purchased them. (Good news, that.) I’ll figure it out, but I’ll probably edit a short “trailer” for a movie that was very short to begin with.  Let me know if you’re interested. It’ll help me get around to it if someone actually asks. This is one frame from Orange Squash, which is in the show:

still from Orange Squash by Eric Waldemar, HD video 2012

The exhibition is up until September 30th. I’ll get some photos posted. I think we all did something remarkable with this show, and I’m very excited about the work I’m showing. Go see it if you can. Paintings are going fast, I’m very pleased to say…

Odin & Yggdrasil: Previews of “Odin-Odeon” at RMCAD

A few new items as the exhibition at RMCAD approaches (reception on September 10th). If you’re not already aware of the blessed event, you’ll find all the info you need on this page, as well as several images.

On your left, a 2 minute trailer for the show, a strange reading of Odin’s time hanging upside down from the great tree, with moving abstraction made entirely from the etchings and monotypes that will appear in Odin-Odeon. There’s a video component to this exhibition, but it will be very different from this. You’ll see.

Also, here’s a preview of the show from Anselm Etting, who is very kind indeed:

Monoprint/Etching by Eric Waldemar: "The Reward of Discipline" from Odin-Odeon“At first, the etchings & monoprints in Eric Waldemar’s Odin-Odeon seem shamelessly archaic. A warm palette of earth tones and a concern with the rhythmic mystery of the agile brush reflect a long engagement with the drawings of Rembrandt, Hakuin and Homare Ikeda. Given time, these tiny images unfold in the mind, often with several simultaneous layers of imagery. They feel weighty at first glance, but after close attention, many are subtly hilarious, especially in combination with Waldemar’s wry, deadpan titles.
Then there are the movies, displayed on a tiny screen to force close attention. A dinosaur shuffles along in a cloud of dust. Etching/monotype by Eric Waldemar.These intricate rhythmic abstractions use this series of prints as source material, transforming their already ambiguous subject matter into a trembling, bewildering dream. Tiny jewels of abstract cinema, they also suggest an approach to the accompanying prints, to which the viewer returns with a fresh eye for close detail and half-hidden treasure. “

Gosh. Thanks. See you there, everyone, and if you’re too far away to make it, I’ll try to keep adding images to the Odin-Odeon page, so you can attend vicariously. Either way, thanks for having a look. Leave a comment on the site if you end up having a thought. Thanks.

Mage’s Boat

When someone is sent to find the old man, all else has already failed. If he’s not out in the boat, he’s out walking, some way off the paths, in-turned, but aware of each sound and scent, and each combination. He’s always just wrapping up as you arrive, tucking bundles in his bag. What do you need then? Cordial, willing he is, and not surprised to see you.

ArtWorks Letterkenny Exhibition Scandal

No scandal just yet, despite the lurid title, but come by the reception this Saturday (July 17th) if you’re in the area, or if you can be. If shocking behavior occurs, this is where it will likely take place. Get yourself to ArtWorks, Port Road, Letterkenny , County Donegal, Ireland (opposite the An Grianan Theatre), from 7 to 9 or so. The exhibition exists on the unheralded fringe of Donegal’s Earagail Arts Festival, which has been helpfully arranging major arts events across the street practically every day for weeks. It’s a great time to be in Letterkenny. Read more

Nibble on the Yellow Wallpaper at RedLine

Detail, Rian Kerrane's Yellow Wallpaper at Redline

I spent yesterday helping to install “Kitchen Wallpaper,” a piece by Rian Kerrane, which Jessica Gross had already been working on for days. This food-encrusted room is part of “Artists’ Footprints” at RedLine in Denver, a show curated by Viviane LeCourtois. The reference to Charlotte Perkins Gilman‘s story is no accident.The walls are composed of apples, turmeric, stenciled honey, poppyseeds, pasta, and cumin, and it smells delicious. Rian’s off in Ireland setting up our installation at ArtWorks in Letterkenney, so this piece, and the cast iron handbags in Objectophilia, were installed by her loyal local proxies.  Yesterday, Mike Brohman, who’s also in the show, came to the rescue, helping out for hours, after watching Jessica and I struggle with layers upon layers of layers that were obviously going to take a lot longer than planned. With his help, we were home by 10 pm. Spectacular July 3rd fireworks awaited me in my neighborhood when I got home. The piece is pretty amazing, yes? Try to resist nibbling on the walls.

Rian Kerrane at Redline Read more