Here’s how to help support the work and the site at no cost: buy books, electronics, rubber boats, dog toys, doodads…

You can get just about anything from Amazon nowadays, and if you search and buy directly from here, they send me a few pennies. Please do bookmark the page, and return to for every new shopping frenzy. The same link you’ll find below is also on the right side of my home page, a little ways down.

You pay the same price you always would, and if you don’t use my site, the pennies go to Amazon. Not to the noble river, but to the global megacorporation.  I think they have plenty of money, and I really don’t.  Amazon may have crushed your local independent bookseller, but ironically, they created a niche for tiny players with no capital, like myself.  Many thanks for taking the trouble, and for bookmarking the page for future shopping….. If you’re in Denver or thereabouts, find out if West Side Books has what you want before you order online. If you’re not sure how to find what you need, they’ll help, though you shouldn’t listen to what Nathan says. Eric here won’t get a dime, but you’ll get the book you want instantly, without waiting for shipping, and you’ll be buying from the good guys. Tell Lois I sent you. She’ll be pleased. In all other cases, use the link above.

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