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Big Site Changes

Expect chaos here for a little while. I’m changing web frameworks, and I don’t even know if old posts, etc will display properly for a while. Look forward to some actual new content for a change. Not quite yet, though. Just chaos. Come back in a week, how about…

Orange Squash

Lately, people have shown some interest in the movies I made last summer, and it’s time to share them, at last. Orange Squash was made from a series of landscape oil paintings, much altered. Hopefully, I’ll get more of this material posted in days to come. The resolution is radically reduced here (sorry), but that’s […]

Somewhat Absurd

It’s been so long that it’s a little ridiculous, if I’m going to bother to have a site at all. So much since my last post – the most recent major thing is the Hybrid exhibition at Redline. My work there included 7 paintings, 3 video works, and two monotypes. The movies were derived from […]

Back to America

It’s been a long time – I left the US for Ireland in July and just got back a few weeks ago. Back in Denver, the university pulled the rug out from under me, canceling my drawing classes just before the start of the semester. So, some moments to make some paintings as I look […]

No time for ideas.

Karen asked about this recent shift into the sketchbooks, wishing that lately there were at least “some” of the more exploratory, cryptic, tangled work that’s familiar to anyone who’s followed my work for a while. Basically, that kind of sustained thought process is simply not available to me right now, for a number of reasons. […]

The Rock Feels Watched

A quick scribble of a rock in the yard got out of hand. The dentist drilled and patched my tooth today, so, half-numb jaw, even still, 6 hours later. Oonagh chased boys at the playground, and we ate outside on the porch. A bee!