Eric in Pool by Priscilla Cohan

Image courtesy of Priscilla Cohan

Eric Waldemar is an artist in a wide range of media. His paintings, prints, and drawings range from gestural abstraction, to grandiose board games, to unnerving animals and tranquil landscapes.  His film and video work includes abstract hand-painted animation, grandiose alternate histories, such as The Origin of Music (1994), and personal, contemplative works like The Thinking Truck (2008), which combines animation, narrative, and visual music. His aesthetic was profoundly shaped by close friendships with artists Homare Ikeda, Stan Brakhage, and Harry Smith.

His work has been exhibited worldwide, with venues including Denver Art Museum, CU Boulder, Starz Denver International Film Festival, Abcedarian Gallery, Pirate Gallery, Edge Gallery, Ink Lounge, Boulder Public Library, Chicago Filmmakers, San Francisco Cinematheque, Woodstock Gallery of Art, and the Bug Theatre. In 2012, his work will appear in two major curated exhibitions: Drawn/Overdrawn at Wandesford Quay Gallery in Cork, Ireland, and Hybrid, at RedLine in Denver.

He has lectured in institutions such as Ireland’s National College of Art & Design, Dun Laoghaire College of Art, Art Students’ League of Denver, and The New School in New York City. He studied Intellectual History and Film at CU Boulder and he focused on relationships between Music Composition and Abstract Animation in his graduate work at New York University. For the past several years he has taught Art History, Film Editing, and Animation at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Waldemar has built guitars and flights of stairs, been chased by police, and dug holes. He engaged in a wide variety of marginal and dangerous livelihood schemes en route to his career as an Artist. He is a shameless throwback to a grandiose Modernist conception of art that seeks to expand the bounds of perception, and, um, to find and share the depths and mystery of an unconstrained work process which defies all categories and flees pigeonholes. He was struck by lightning as a child. He lives in Denver with sculptor Rian Kerrane and their daughter, Oonagh.

For Eric’s Curriculum Vitae, listing exhibitions and education, click right here. (PDF download) Not a work resume. Contact Eric if you need that.

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