No time for ideas.

20110501-114528.jpgKaren asked about this recent shift into the sketchbooks, wishing that lately there were at least “some” of the more exploratory, cryptic, tangled work that’s familiar to anyone who’s followed my work for a while. Basically, that kind of sustained thought process is simply not available to me right now, for a number of reasons. Even an hour is rare, so I’m grabbing at the world around me with a pencil for a few minutes at a time, trying to snatch flashes of image. It’s been a long time since I drew the world around me so much, and it feels good to be going through page after page again. Making myself a beginner again, shunning ambition. No “concept” here, except dogged looking and scribbling, tuning the instrument, regaining agility. Awareness, and occasionally, grace. “No ideas but in things” at the moment. It’s not so much an aesthetic for me – just an acknowledgment that my current life has no time for reflection. Drawing is enough like quiet contemplation that it keeps me from withering entirely while I wait for a moment to take a breath, one of these days.