The Rock Feels Watched

20110411-042025.jpgA quick scribble of a rock in the yard got out of hand. The dentist drilled and patched my tooth today, so, half-numb jaw, even still, 6 hours later. Oonagh chased boys at the playground, and we ate outside on the porch. A bee!

plant, chair, and WordPress for iPhone

20110408-041909.jpgA plant, a chair… This is what I’ve got around me. This is straight from my phone into WordPress. What’s great about that is the fact that I don’t need to take a picture, then upload it to my computer, then upload it to my server, then resize it. The image isn’t as good as my camera or scanner, but who cares? – it’s a snapshot of a sketchbook page, after all.
WordPress for iPhone is a little quirky, like the fact that you CAN choose to resize images to your site’s ‘medium’ image size, but making the choice doesn’t do anything. So, ok, look at the code, change size & alignment. Not a big deal, but the extra step is enough to make posting a photo take much longer, maybe twice as long. The thing is, angelic WordPress code volunteers will fix it soon, I imagine. And though WordPress for iPhone ain’t perfect, it’s still a lot swifter than the other way. One of the most enjoyable thing about WordPress (and its little iPhone sister) is the way it just keeps getting better, solving problems that I never realized existed – but suddenly a complex process becomes much easier. Thanks, everyone.

Back at the cafe

20110404-035710.jpgDrawing, I conclude, is the way through: a way to nudge myself to alert, thoughtful sensitivity when broad exhaustion lately tends to render me tired and numb. I associate filling sketchbook after sketchbook with … smart, happy times, and creative delight without ambition beyond the image at hand. Sociability, reflection, tiny insights. Expect more scribbles in days to come.