The Pelican, the Alembic, and the Concealing Wall

Alchemist's pelican and alembic, scrawled on a rough wall. Mystery is not there merely to be solved, though the world would be simpler if it were. The alchemist’s pelican and alembic, the crucible and the centrifuge, each have their counterparts in the mechanics of our own conceptual and emotional back rooms. If we could just simply look, listen, and know what it is that we confront or behold, we could putter along with some confidence. As it stands, even the obvious turns out to have plenty of slack in it, and once common sense has lost its credibility, well, we just do the best we can with our guesses, and try to adjust quickly when we’ve judged the whole thing wrong, though we may have seemed to know the way at the time.

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Exceptionally astute & absolutely correct. Tranquil frenzy, and that’s why the contained space of the alembic is necessary.

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