Live Iron Sculpture Casting at Auraria Campus March 10th (my poster)

Iron Pour -molten metal casting performance at UCD, CU Denver March 10 2011There’s an iron pour at UCD, next to the Tivoli, on the Auraria Campus, on March 10th. Tobias Flores, a major figure in contemporary fine art iron casting, will be at CU Denver as a visiting artist, and it should be a memorable event. You can carve a small sculptural mold at any of several workshops during that week, whether you’re a student or not, and your mold will be filled with molten iron when the pour takes place on the tenth.

I made the poster for Rian Kerrane and the UCD College of Arts & Media last week in a rush, using a photograph by Denver artist John Davenport. Seems like it came out ok, for a few hours work.

If you click the image, you should get a larger version that’s relatively readable. In a nutshell: Thursday, March 10th, beside the flagpoles behind the Tivoli. 2-7PM. ┬áToby Flores will be speaking on the evening of Monday the 7th, at the King Center. ┬áSee you there.

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Since he was struck by lightning as a child, Eric Waldemar has gone on to a variety of endeavors, including abstract cinema, painting, drawing, printmaking (etc), writing and editing, sound-making, university teaching, public spectacle, walking around, and, in a remarkable development, child-rearing. He lives in Denver, CO, USA.
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One Response to Live Iron Sculpture Casting at Auraria Campus March 10th (my poster)

  1. oh boy, another iron pour, can’t wait !!! love the flyer

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