How’s Yr Latte?

What a night in Egypt, again. Makes my aesthetico-narcissism seem a bit small. Grateful that I don’t have to risk my life to speak, and it makes my feel like speaking about more than fussiness, brushwork, and memory.

Photograph. Horror as Mubarak declares he'll rule on. Addendum: Then, a few hours later, Mubarak finally resigned. Inevitably, this is the day that political life in a whole region of the planet takes a turn, hopefully for the better.

Governments (including the US) that build policy on the “stability” of dictatorship are nervous, and embarrassed at the light that’s been shined on their pragmatic hypocrisy. Governments’ foreign policies have to deal with the realities of power and coercion, and behind-the-scenes influence can sometimes do more good than public shaming. Possibly, US ties with Egypt’s military helped nudge things toward a peaceful solution. Possibly.

An embarrassing moment all the same, as Obama tried to cover both sides of the bet, reassuring the Mubarak regime of his goodwill while working behind the scenes to bring it down. Not a good moment for charisma politics. Waiting to see who wins the game before betting on it looks pretty slimy, however one might have good intentions. On the other hand, looking good is not the point.

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  1. Carl Fuermann
    Carl Fuermann says:

    we tend to take for granted what we have and what others fought so that we may be free. glad to see a dictator go down. surprised they can even exist on this planet any more.

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