Pleasures of Textures

Close-up texture recalls intricate landscape. Eric Waldemar photo.We can look into intricate surfaces
and find nearly anything.

Leonardo advised artists to gaze into eroded wall surfaces, to explore how the mind makes images. A crystal ball twists and refracts the room’s reflections into surprising images. A trained, sensitive mind can find forms in its shifting tones, flashes, and swirls. Most human cultures other than this one have cultivated “visionary” practices of one kind or another, and the interpretation of interior vision is an ancient career, though under a lot of different names.

One makes new form, sometimes,
by projecting association and shape on found form. One finds a shape that seems to echo a shape at the back of one’s mind, like a word on the tip of the tongue. One can use images to mine one’s own mind for buried material, and most of have seen faces and forms in the clouds while lying on a summer hillside. This is dreamy play, or much more, depending on how far you choose to take it.

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