Wish-granting Lamp Now Available!

The magic lamp grants three wishes, and the only catch is that you need to clarify your intentions. So, for the new year, think carefully, rub the screen and make your wishes. Then make your resolutions in order to help the wishes bear fruit. If the traditional stories are accurate, you’ll want to avoid wishes that are overly greedy, short-sighted, or otherwise selfish and unworthy of genie assistance. If you toy with the imp, it strikes back, though it’s bound by the rules to provide your wish “to the letter.”

Consider it a New Year’s gift, and if you’re seeing it for the first time at a later date, it should still work alright. For best results, try to suppress any skepticism you might taste rising up in your gullet. You’re welcome. Happy New Year, I wish for you and myself. Let me know how it works out.

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