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Party for Rian Kerrane & Eric Waldemar's exhibition at Artworks, LetterkennyLetters and Speechlessness will soon be coming to a close after a great five-week run in at ArtWorks in Letterkenny. Rian Kerrane added text to “Velvet Letters” nearly as fast as the people of Donegal  provided it, so the piece became more and more elaborate with passing weeks. Our reception was terrific, packed with friends, family, and people whose curiosity was sparked by a great article in the Donegal News. More recently, there was an article in the Letterkenny Post (page 53) and there’s a profile of Rian in the Donegal inTouch ezine, which focuses on Irish artists abroad and includes a mention of this latest show, as well as a picture of the family from this Spring..

Crowd at Artworks, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland 18 July 2010Glass artist Michelle O’Donnell came with her family from faraway County Offaly, and sculptor Sarah Lewtas and her partner, painter Ian Gordon, came down from their hideout near Mt. Earagail. I talked about Redmond Herrity in an earlier post. Seamus Quinn was in good form, hosting the best party in Letterkenny, and we ended the night at the Cottage Bar, with our spirits further elevated by the company and generosity of the celebrated Frank Kerrane, Rian’s father. Like many good nights in Ireland, this one required a little recuperation time the next day.  Group photo from Artworks, Letterkenny, Ireland exhibition reception.We had some great responses. As for my Old Tongue, responses ranged from “best film ever about Ireland” to “if this came up on my television, I’d take it in to have it serviced.” Others related it to the way one remembers one’s own dreams, and to specific Vajrayana Buddhist visualization practices. In any case, Letterkenny was, for a moment, the center of experimental cinema in this part of Ireland, probably, and dozens of people admired and got involved in the creation of “Velvet Letters.” Everyone we ran into had seen the newspaper articles, which was gratifying.

Seamus Quinn and Rian Kerrane at ArtWorks, Letterkenny, Ireland

Seamus & Rian

By Seamus’s account, his many daily visitors were, on the whole, fascinated and intrigued. Many thanks to all who attended, had a good look, and welcomed me to the County Donegal arts community in recent weeks. Special thanks to Rian and Seamus, of course. Looking forward to future exhibitions.

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  1. carl fuermann
    carl fuermann says:

    Cottage Bar, one of my fav places for pint. Oh yeah, I would take my set into be serviced also if anything like that found it’s way across the airwaves! “yes sir, acting kinda funny, wut u think, bad transistor?”

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