Odin-Odeon Cinema Fragment One

Several monoprints from the same intaglio plate, prints and cinema by Eric Waldemar

Several monoprints from the same intaglio plate.

Each Wednesday (Woden’s Day) night this Spring, when possible, I went over to the studio to make prints. I had several etched plates lying about, each of them suggestive of image, while not quite readable without interpretation. The ways in which an intaglio plate can be inked, and stroked into art, are infinite. Each of these shuffling images is a “reading” of the same etched printing plate. You can see the traces of a common origin, if you care to pause and look for a moment. If this is no interest, if this kind of transformation isn’t your cup of tea, well, then, by all means, you’d best move along and not waste any more of your time here.

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  1. Carl Fuermann
    Carl Fuermann says:

    i the variations on a theme….sometimes from frame to frame it follows that it is the same plate and then others completely different. thanks for making this impossible to see on my mobile…such lame customer service from wpar….

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