Old Tongue

from "Old Tongue" by Eric Waldemar“Old Tongue is a piece of nearly-abstract visual music that rushes forward repeatedly, then pauses, breathless. A tiny screen invites one to focus close, and the attentive viewer is rewarded, as rhythm, shape, color, and glimpsed imagery meld in a cinema that is both intricate and intimate. Old Tongue was shot primarily on the Antrim Coast, in Connemara, and in the Poisoned Glen in the summer of 2009. Spirits seem to merge with the vivid present, and even familiar imagery seems somehow unreal.”

(Video installation for “Letters & Speechlessness” at ArtWorks, Letterkenney, Ireland, July 3-30, 2010, 7 minute loop, tiny video, 2010)

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Not quite that small. More like iPhone small, was the thought, but it ended up looking good on a monitor that was donated by the Letterkenny Art Centre across the street, so that’s how it’s showing. It does have some vaguely jurassic sentiments implied in the imagery, though.

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