Game Boards at Abcedarian Gallery

Alicia Bailey, proprietor of Abcedarian Gallery in Denver, has some of my prints from the 1990s showing in her secret room of treasures. There are a few recent monotypes from the show at Ironton, but the focus of this mini-exhibition is a series of etchings based on historic game boards. When I look at these older etchings, I notice how much they resemble the painted animations I’ve done in recent years (the “Unsecret Block” and the canvas animations that were shown at Ironton), with broad shapes compiled from little compartments, with much of the energy coming from “local” gesture and touch, rather than from blunt graphic impact. In short, you have to have to actually pause and look closely, otherwise it’s hardly worth your while. By this time (mid 90s), I’d already been painting on 16mm film for several years, so I was at home with this kind of “macro” aesthetic. Read more

Souvenirs from Ironton

A few images of the layout of “Time & Attention” at Ironton for those who weren’t able to attend. Zibby has some images from the opening that may appear in days to come, but here’s something, at least. To those who made it to the show, looked hard, talked with me, bought things or didn’t, helped in various ways, wrote kind words in the book, etc., many thanks…