Bizarre and Delightful Student Animations

These short movies were made in my UC Denver Intro to Art class, with each frame drawn on paper. This version (about 3 minutes) only includes about a fourth of the original collection (which you’ll find posted separately, in its entirety). These are generally excellent, exemplary, and so on, but it should be said that many of the ones that didn’t make it were just as good in many ways. Thank you, everyone. Some of the class’s and my own favorites were too gory, shocking, shaky, infantile, troubling, etc. for presentation to the department, and this is the edited version for the College of Arts & Media. I did cut out some of my favorites, frankly, but you, dear reader, can watch them all. Them that didn’t sign my consent form were trimmed. Have a look at the long version, once this 3-minute teaser has drawn you in. To find it, go to: For a substantially higher resolution version of the short quodlibet below, go to

Short Version_Animations from UCD FA1001 with Eric Waldemar from Eric Waldemar on Vimeo.