2 Shows at Starz Denver International Film Festival

Two recent works, The Thinking Truck and Canvas Cinema: Thinking is Finding will take up over half of the show at “Faux Mouvements… and Other Excursions ,” which will be screened twice:
Monday, November 17th at 7:00 and Sunday, November 23rd at 3:30, at Starz Film Center (at the Tivoli, on the Auraria Campus in Denver). Who knows? These shows could be rapidly selling out, so make sure to get some tickets. The link: http://www.denverfilm.org/festival/film/detail.aspx?id=22333&FID=43

The show includes work by Dan Boord, the director of the CU Boulder Film Program, made in collaboration with Luis Valdovino, also CU film faculty. It includes Pip Chodorov,  who’s been prominent in both European and American experimental film communities for many years. It includes Alexandre O. Phillipe, a Frenchman living in Denver, whose work I frankly don’t know. As I said, it also includes two movies by my very self, both of which premiered this Summer at Boulder Public Library. See you there…

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