How to Make Things Move: Animation as a Fine Art

Brakhage Smith Waldemar

On the 23rd of September, at the Art Students League of Denver,  I’ll be screening films by two of the people who showed me how to make movies, Stan Brakhage and Harry Smith. I’ll also be giving a brief sketch of the history of animation as an art made by individual artists, rather than by commercial enterprises. In the other arts, this distinction is usually fairly obvious, but in film, most people assume that a movie director is something like a special, glamorous CEO. They’re usually right. There’s a whole other world of cinema, though, and if you’re not aware of it, you need to cancel your plans for the 23rd and get to this screening.  Besides Brakhage and Smith, I’ll show a few bits of my own, as well as relevant bits from the history of cartoons, "visual music," and various peculiar moving images that show the vast possibilities of solo animation.  This talk and screening will introduce an 8-week course at the League, which starts two weeks later. That series will include more screenings and a whole lot of hands-on moviemaking. It’s reasonably priced and will transform your conception of time and space permanently. Trust The Thinking Truck to bring you to worthwhile destinations, now and always. To get a seat for the screening or sign up for the course, go to or call 303 778 6990, x100.

For all the info you need, have a look at the flyer (PDF) . It has pictures, a few words about Stan and Harry, and a few more about me. Print it out and tack it in some public place, or on your refrigerator.