The Thinking Truck is Arriving!

The feature premieres this Friday (7PM, Boulder Public Library), July 11th. Though my intention was to get a “trailer” up, it’s more important to polish up the actual movie for you in the time I’ve got left. Here are some stills, though, to either draw you in or frighten you terribly. These are captured frames from something constantly in motion, recall, and an odd mix, not including any shots of the desert, the truck, the badger, the bombing,  the tranquil forest, or the romantic bohemian squalor of life in the truck. It’s what I’ve got handy, and I wanted to get something fresh posted as the show approaches. This is partly because The Thinking Truck is slated to appear in Westword today, with a link. I haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. mk
    mk says:

    loved loved loved your film.

    i had a hunch this would be one of those experimental films that actually doesn’t have it’s ass up it’s ass.. ya. really fantastic. good for you. and thanks.
    mary great

  2. stubbsonic
    stubbsonic says:

    I’ll second mk’s sentiments.

    It was magical, fibrous and satisfying. It was a fun thing to watch my brain deal with. There was the hilarity of the stream of kid-questions rolling through my brain “what is that?” “no. What IS that?” as well as the perennial favorites: “why?” “how?” But mostly it was just a huge freaking feast for my eyes, ears and mind.

    BTW, Eric, that music was freaking wonderful!!!! Masterpieces, all.

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