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Here’s the Boulder Public Library website’s account of The Thinking Truck (see http://www.boulder.lib.co.us/events/films.html).

“Set amidst the sparse grandeur of the northern Chihuahuan desert, Eric Waldemar’s “The Thinking Truck” (2008 video, 40 min.) incorporates abstract animation and musical sound in a deeply peculiar sojourn into artistic work process and deliberate solitude. Often funny and occasionally gruesome, Waldemar coaxes and guides the viewer into realms of imagery and lithe, agile rhythm that defy description. An artifact from a deliberate process of self-renewal, this meditative and oddly entertaining movie evokes Bowles, Brakhage, Krazy Kat, and the Koran.” -Anselm Etting. Also screened is Waldemar’s classic faux history, “The Origin of Music” (1995, 20 min.), a preposterous fable that starts with the Big Bang. In “Know Knit Knot” (1997, 16mm, 5 min.), animated shapes that resemble ropes or guts emerge, twist, fold and tangle. Enthusiasts of Neolithic symbology are in for a treat. In “Doot” (1997, 16mm, 4 min.), elements form and disintegrate, and calm is restored when an unruly shape gets pulled to the ground. Each frame of Waldemar’s oddly visceral “Thinking is Finding” (2007 video, 6 min.) was painted on cotton canvas. New perceptual doors are opened in a short movie that has lingering effects. The filmmaker will be present to comfort the audience and answer questions.

Joel Haertling (the program’s impresario) has had a really stunning series of films this season, with more to come, so if you’re not aware of this, do have a look right now, as he’s showing great works that you’ll never see on film anywhere else in Colorado.  If you like things like my Thinking Truck (whatever “type” of film that might be), you should see his retrospective of avant-garde film classics from the 1930s to the early 70s (July 17th). The works he’s showing are absolutely essential, and you’ll be horrified to see what you’ve missed this season. Start with The Thinking Truck, then begin attending regularly. See you there.

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