The Thinking Truck rolls in.

The (Literal) Truck

Within days, the Thinking Truck blog will be well under way, with text and images that elaborate on the cryptic accounts that readers may have found in other sources. Be patient, and if you want to be informed when it’s properly under way, leave a comment below, so I’ve got your address. Back to fill things in soon.

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    A sunset, as I recall, about 10 miles North of the Mexican border. I was just coming back from a hike up Mt. Chappell, where I’d taken one of the shots that opens the movie, a zoom toward the isolated Thinking Truck from miles away. It was perhaps Romantic in the grandiose 19th c. sense, but I probably didn’t see another human for another week or two at that point, so this was a pretty solitary romance. See you at the show, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by the Truck as it starts to leave the dock.

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    I will miss your show for my own journey on the 11th of July.
    I’ll forward this note to others who would enjoy your show.

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